Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Iowa and Oregon

Spring has finally probably arrived.

Jon and I have begun our mission to make the backyard a paradise, but it will probably just end up looking really nice because we don't know that much about gardening. I've already broken one rake and we ripped up all this plastic that the landlords probably put down to prevent weeds from growing... so that could turn out kind of bad.

As it turns out, you can get nearly 100 tomato seeds for only 1 dollar!

I heard back from the Fairfield dudes and it sounds like they want Trista and I to have some songs done for a split tape by the middle of April, which should be do-able. I'll let you know as I finish them.

I'm going to Portland tomorrow for a few days. Trent and my parents will be attending business meetings all day while I explore the city and buy records and see the Japanese Garden. AND THEN, at night I get to eat with them at their business dinners and I don't even have to dress up. What a scam! There is also a very small probability that I may leave Portland with an apartment and a job, though its doubtful. I'll probably just end up with a few leads and places to look when I return in a few months.

I'll take lots of pictures for everyone to see when I get back.


  1. Paradise is a flexible term. I imagine the Garden of Eden was really nice, much in the same fashion the backyard will be.

  2. can I come to Portland with you in a few months! pleeeeeassssseeeee
    oh and I hope you find a job and stuff neato!

    OH and recording? neato as well. I want to tell you about my idea for a cd/lp that I want to make.
    okay neat.