Sunday, March 7, 2010

Dunston Checks In 2: Dunston Checks Out

The Iowa State University radio station, KURE, held their annual Kaleidoquiz this weekend. I think 23 teams competed in all in a huge trivia and random-as-hell activity 26-hour marathon in the town of Ames.

Our team was Dunston Checks In 2: Dunston Checks Out. I heard we ended up in 11th place, but we missed the final awards ceremony because we showed up half an hour late. I'm pretty satisfied considering we rarely had more than 7 or 8 people to cover answering trivia questions every 6 minutes, solving trivia montages, performing scavenger hunts, traveling to Minneapolis, and making movies to fulfill random requirements.

We made a How to Make paper video which involved picking up branches and bark, ingesting it, excreting it, chewing it, and flattening it out into paper. Half of the scenes spontaneously disappeared in the footage import process and I had to completely explain the holes left by their disappearance in my narration of the whole thing which I did in one take because the video was due half an hour before I even started the audio part of it. Maybe I'll upload it to this here blog if I can find it. Other members of our team made a music video for Britney Spears - Toxic while I was at work. I'll upload that too, if I can find it.

There were a lot of High Fidelity and Star Wars and Dungeons and Dragons questions which we often got wrong because we answered the questions too correctly and the person taking our answer didn't know anything more than the answer written on the sheet in front of them. Such is the annoyance of KQ.

What I have learned from Kaleidoquiz 2010:

1. Don't ever listen to John Hodgeman's 700 Molemen comedy bit.

2. Just because something started an hour late before, doesn't mean it will start an hour late again.

3. Star Wars knowledge will always continue to come in handy at some point.

4. Morse Code is nearly impossible to decipher without pauses between letters.

5. Boring video is always more entertaining with music playing.

6. Twenty-three different people trying to call a single phone line to answer a question is a broken method of doing trivia.

7. Everything is on the internet if you look hard enough.

8. It is nearly impossible to sit down and watch a movie without falling asleep after you've been awake for 26 hours.

9. College radio is filled with dorks (I have still not figured out why, though).

Here is our video we made from last year, which is still awesome.

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  1. Those were the days, old friend that I forgot the name of, those were the days.