Monday, October 29, 2012

Positive Vibrations for the End of the World

I finished another mix.

I am calling this one "Positive Vibrations for the End of the World"

I will likely be submitting it to Tiny Mix Tapes as part of their end-of-the-week Chocolate Grinder mixes, but I figured since I had already finished the mixdown before running it by them, that I would post it here first. They may end up having me edit it in some way and I will write up a post explaining the theme of the mix when it is submitted there, but I will let you know when that happens.

For now...

00:00 AyGeeTee - As Dreaming Angels Do
01:18 MiNdToUcHbeaTs - MoNSooN
02:31 Tough Fuzz - For What It's Worth
02:58 aaronmaxwell - highschool crush
04:05 ahnnu - canopoli
05:13 Constrobuz - Black Dirt
06:08 Space Ghost - Sneaky/Sensual
08:27 DJ DJ TANNER - The Forest Holds Its Breathe
09:25 Obey City - Ronin Strut
11:40 Olsen Twinns - Weird Lives
14:04 MONTGOMERY WORD - taco tuesday
14:29 Kuhn - We're Gonna Make It
18:20 RAJA - Vapor Trails (Jeans Wilder Redux)
20:28 Magical Mistakes - Supermoon Crashed featuring Mutual Benefit
24:32 Monster Rally - Blame
26:47 MONTGOMERY WORD - drty clothes
27:37 AyGeeTee - Island

Download here.

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