Thursday, October 25, 2012

DOTS Mixtape

I heardtell that the DOTS cafe over on 26th and Clinton, here in Portland, is having house DJs on Monday and Tuesday nights now, so I put together this mix to submit in hopes of filling one of those spots, and I figured I'd share the completed mix with you.

I really have all these ideas for mixes, and I usually write down the first 4-5 tracks on pieces of scrap paper that ultimately get lost somewhere in my room or bag, so I am going to try harder to actually go through and make these mixes rather than lose them forever, even if they are just micro mixes of a handful of songs. This will also be part of my promise to try and update this blog more.

Download here. It's kind of shitgazey.


00:00 - Wet Hair - "Camouflage"
04:06 - Galaxie 500 - "Tugboat"
06:51 - Ela Orleans - "Neverend"
10:17 - Tickley Feather - "Keyboards is Drunk"
11:58 - Girls - "Morning Light"
14:15 - Wise Blood - "Rot My Brain Away"
16:07 - Peaking Lights - "All the Good Songs Have Been Written"
20:24 - No Age - "Wintry KK"
22:29 - Jeans Wilder - "Dog Years"
24:56 - Lucky Dragons - "Snowing Circle"
27:26 - Panda Bear - "Last Night at the Jetty"

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