Monday, July 12, 2010

sweat power OR all the way to little rock and roll OR how to hardcore dance OR fucked up for president

I played a few shows with Utopia Park and Valley Tongues in Lawrence, Kansas and Little Rock, Arkansas this weekend.

The Kansas show was in the lobby of the wicked Granada Theater, which had naked mermaids on the railings and was super nice. Baiowolf was the headliner, and they shredded hard and reminded me why I like The Locust, Blood Brothers, Neil Perry, and every other band that just rips their throat open into a microphone.

The Little Rock show took place on a half-pipe in the back of a skate shop and therefore fulfilled a personal dream of mine.

Play music on a half-pipe

Then we drove all night back to Iowa through can't-see-at-all fog in Arkansas and Missouri.

There was plenty of talk of hardcore, dubstep, teleportation's effects on the world, switchblades, food stamps, fucked up, and farming.

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