Thursday, July 15, 2010


I once had a dream where I was in some sort of weird venue with colorful walls where some noise band was playing and when I walked to the back of the place there was a pro wrestling match occurring on a makeshift ring with a low-hanging ceiling above it. I woke up thinking what a strange and spectacular place.

Two years later, I start listening to Lightning Bolt and when I read more about them, I find out about the venue they were very involved in called Fort Thunder in Rhode Island.

Fort Thunder. Magical venue in my dream. Same thing.

So, that was cool, and only somewhat related to the fact that I finally got to see Lightning Bolt in Iowa City last night. They played at Gabe's Oasis, which is now Gabe's again after its short span of being known as The Picador.

I will be seeing Lightning Bolt at Pitchfork this weekend, but decided that a small venue is the proper setting for the band. And I am glad that I made that decision.

I had wanted to see this band play to a crowded room since googling images of some of their shows years ago.

They were way loud, and the crowd went apeshit, but I mostly could not take my eyes off the drummer's hands. He played so hard and fast that he actually collapsed out of his drum throne at the end of their set, even after placing ice cubes in his scarecrow-esque mask and dumping no less than 4 bottles of water on himself.

Sorry, I didn't get any pictures, but it was something like this:

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