Monday, March 11, 2013

A Comprehensive Guide to Lucky Dragons

It's been a few months in the making, but my Comprehensive Guide to Lucky Dragons is finally finished. No Fear of Pop was kind enough to post the entire thing as episode 2 of my Never Knows Best column. Check it all out over here:

A Comprehensive Guide to Lucky Dragons: Part 1
A Comprehensive Guide to Lucky Dragons: Part 2

"I was first introduced to Lucky Dragons by a friend at the Rhinoceropolis in Denver. He told me he woke up and drank four cups of French press coffee and listened to two Lucky Dragons records every morning and it helped him get all jittery and psyched to start the day. I left that show with a whole mix of stuff to check out, the Lucky Dragons song "My Are Singing" from Dream Island Laughing Language tucked somewhere in the middle.

"Now, after years of digging through record stores around the United States, scouring the Discogs marketplace for all of the limited edition stuff that sold out before I knew who Lucky Dragons were, and scrolling through pages of Google searches for free downloads, this is what I have found.

"I hope it helps."

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