Sunday, March 27, 2011

Postcard Exchange Leftovers

Here is the postcard I did for ISU Print Society's 2011 Postcard Exchange. The theme was apocalypse.

My favorite printing place came through for me again and printed an extra 2 pages worth of these things for me, so I have some left over. AND, we had agreed on the original 3 pages worth of them costing me $10, BUT since they typically only do huge printing orders for large corporations, they only do check transitions and cash, so they don't have a credit card machine, which means they charge me cash for these kind of things, HOWEVER, I only had a 20 dollar bill and 7 one-dollar bills in my wallet, and none of the employees had change for a 20, so I ended up getting FIVE pages for only SEVEN dollars. AHHH COOOOL!!!

Anyway, if you would like a postcard, I'd like to send you one. All you have to do is give me your address and check your mailbox!


  1. Are these still up for grabs? i would love one!!!

    PSC 9 Box 298
    Apo AE 09123

  2. i don't know if these still exist and/or if it's odd that i found my way to this page, but if one is true and two is false/doesn't matter, then i think those are very neat and that getting mail is also pretty neat.

    244 campus ave
    ames ia 50014