Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ducktails - Ducktails III: Arcade Dynamics

Listening to Arcade Dynamics is like watching the 2009 remake of Friday the 13th; you'll come out of it thinking, “Well, that was definitely a Ducktails album.”

Matthew Mondanilee, the man behind Ducktails, has no tricks up his sleeve. Using the same guitars, pedals, and drum machine that made up the first two albums, he made another album that sounds like sitting on the front porch, and song titles like Hamilton Road, Sunset Liner, Little Window, etc. go a long way toward reinforcing that sound. The difference is that this time around, the thought of finding something to do has occurred to him. This hint of direction surfaces in the higher fidelity production of this album, as well as the 300% increase in the use of singing.

Do you want to go outside?
Outside's just for peace of mind
Do you want to stay indoors?
Come on man, I'll just be bored.

But, that doesn't mean he has developed any real intentions, remaining delightfully indifferent. It is like being content with spending the whole night at home playing Super Nintendo with your friend, talking about finding something to go do.

There is nothing at stake here, which is why Arcade Dynamics, like Ducktails and Landscapes, will never impress or let anyone down. Ducktails falls outside of expectation, finding relaxation in the pressure-less joy of boredom, and that contentedness is what leads Arcade Dynamics like a tour guide for a staycation.

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