Sunday, November 7, 2010

Marnie Stern vs. Shredder OR Stuck in a rut! Stuck in a rut! OR Mostly crossed-out to-do lists

Umm... about a million words (probably more) have been written about routines, ruts, etc. Sorry for the, uh, repetition.

Since graduating college and finding my first post-college job, I have found it increasingly easier to fall into routine than ever before in my life. It is too easy to just work when you have to and relax when you don't have to work. I try as hard as I can not to fall into it, but it happens more often than I prefer. I wrote an entire zine about it to keep from feeling stagnant. It kind of worked for a while.

I'm stuck in time-in a rut.
I cannot think.
I cant cant sleep, laugh, or breathe

I'm drawing lines in the sand
Night ranger to make amends
Bigger without boundaries.
Big enough to try.
Bigger than the whole world
Bravest in the whole world

There is nothing like a bit of BRAIN-SCRAMBLING to kickstart a dull state of mind. Sometimes, it can leave you more confused than before, but at least it injects a bit of turmoil and movement into your mind than you can wrestle with and arise from, fist first clenching some radical new motivation, Energy, VIGOR. A REASON TO LIVE!!

In need of a bit of mind-scrambling, I decided to go see Marnie Stern at Mississippi Studios a couple of nights ago. I arrived just in time to miss all of the opening bands and set up time between acts--right in the middle of Marnie Stern's first song.

I can't say a lot about the show without degenerating into explaining how unexplainable her music is. You really just have to hear it. And then add a bunch of reverb and that adrenaline you get when you finally hear the first notes of that song you've been waiting all night to hear (except, for nearly every song).

So i rearrange
And I don't mind the change, I don't mind the change.

And from the bottom up you must draw,
Where blue is the distance
and no one can come along.

Holding back will be forgotten
Holding back will be forgotten

I haven't listened to her new album yet, admittedly, because I am afraid of new music, but I will.

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