Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Never Knows Best Issue 1

I decided to put up the digital copy of Never Knows Best Issue 1 for ALL THE WORLD TO SEE. I had to do it in a few different images, because one image of the whole zine was too big and blogspot didn't let me do it.

I hope it is large enough that you can read it, or at least mostly read it.

You can still get a real copy if you want, just let me know on this blog or email me at:

Issue 2 is coming along--I am over halfway done. I am determined to have it done by the Portland Zine Symposium, but we will see. It is finally going to start costing money to print these zines (no more free printing from the college), so we will see how I deal with printing costs on my bountiful income of unemployment (which is a long way of saying $0, I don't actually receive unemployment money).

Maybe the printing place will accept food stamps...

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