Monday, February 8, 2010


I think I am getting old. That is, I feel as though I am an adult or maybe somewhere close. I have come to this conclusion for a number of reasons:

1. Recently, I have started listening to NPR as opposed to popular radio. Talk shows, the news, classical music. One might make the argument that pop radio sucks and that NPR is a good alternative. I would agree, but does pop radio suck because I'm old and have grown out of it?

2. In fact, I don't really listen to much new music at all it seems. Every time a band I like releases a new album, I tend to gripe that it is not as good as their old stuff. Common thing among fans. But when I look at my father, who listens to no new music whatsoever, he seemed to have decided right around his mid 20's what bands he liked, and he still listens to them today, and nothing else, though in a few cases he has expanded his collection of music from those particular artists.

(It is interesting for me, here, to include the band No Age among my favorite bands with overall regard to this post.)

3. On occasion, I lie about my age. It probably doesn't help my case that I usually get away with it, too. I don't understand why I do it. A lot of the time, I am the oldest one in a given situation, and I feel embarrassed about it.

4. I drink a lot of coffee and have trouble functioning during the day without it. I am trying to eat healthier and continue to attempt to drink less soda.

5. I am fed up with politics and feel that I have already heard my life's worth of it. In addition, I have begun to realize why adults pick a political party and blindly vote for it, as awful as an idea as it is.

6. I pay attention to gas prices.

7. I consistently wake up between 6 and 9 AM, which I, in theory, believe is early for people my age.

8. For the most part, I strictly listen to records and I hate most technology. Ipods are convenient, but I don't like cell phones and I'm okay with having to wait to get to a computer to access the Internet. Bluetooth headsets, Ipads, Netbooks, and Kindles are a bit too close to robotic attachments for my taste.

(Sidenote: The word "kindle" to me implies fire, and because the Kindle is a portable, digital book which literature can be downloaded to, it seems to imply further that the Kindle will "burn" books, which, historically and when mentioned in literature, is a bad thing)

All that being said, I also don't really believe in age stereotypes and I think that people should pick up what ever habits or behaviors they want to--no matter how old they are, which is what I have done.


  1. an actual book would be best to start a fire. a kindle really doesn't have anything going for it. plus, i've only seen old people using them. (35-55ish)

  2. #3 I find the most disturbing. STOP THAT!

  3. I'm usually the youngest... I don't really notice until someone points it out. And then I'm self conscious.