Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Chilling in Colorado with D&D. Eating guacamole. We are going to go to Denver tomorrow and I am probably going to buy more records than I need. We will take pictures tomorrow and I will post them and you can see them and they will be nice.

UP is the saddest movie I have ever seen.

I finally got my internship figured out for this coming semester. Ideally, I will be paid for it, which is a huge scam because I can only be on the payroll for it if I am an Iowa State University student, which I barely am anymore. In fact, the only reason I will even be an Iowa State University student anymore is because I am doing this internship. It's kind of like one big circle as far as getting paid goes.

3006 Wood Street and specific others within a 3 block radius will be producing a wicked zine for the Iowa State University campus this semester. It will be compromised of a bunch of random stuff including comics, writings, poems, and drawings. Probably more too. I think it can be my medium for my ridiculous Iowa State University conspiracy theories. I wish I had another word to describe it besides "zine" because someone, at some point, just thought it was a cool word for a short magazine.

They were wrong.

I'll give more information when it is closer to completion.